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The CMAT Junior Group is a group of undergraduate and master students in mathematics, or related topics, whom want to enhance maths research activities.
The activities, planned and conducted by students, under the supervision of Lisa Santos and Suzana Mendes Gonçalves (CMAT members), may include:
  • initial research in collaboration with a CMAT member, to be presented within the Junior Seminar;
  • organizational tasks and participation in workshops and other events organized by CMAT;
  • involvement in study groups organized in the framework of CMAT' scientific activity, attending and preparing study sessions;
  • organization of dissemination sessions of scientific activity, inviting CMAT members or members of other research centers, former students of master or phd programs with connections to CMAT that are presently working in industry or public services or supervisors in industries;
  • participation in CMAT dissemination activities, including welcome activities directed to students from primary and secondary schools as well as visits to local schools;
  • preparing and teaching mini-courses offered to students.
  • Adriana Lopes :: Mestrado em Matemática e Computação
  • Ana Assunção :: Licenciatura em Matemática
  • Anaís Veloso Silva :: Mestrado em Engenharia de Sistemas
  • Andreia Costa :: Mestrado em Matemática e Computação
  • Bruna Calisto :: Licenciatura em Matemática
  • Catarina Faustino :: Licenciatura em Matemática
  • Fernanda Pereira :: Mestrado em Estatística
  • Filipe Diogo :: Licenciatura em Matemática
  • Joana Almeida :: Mestrado em Matemática e Computação
  • Joana Rocha :: Licenciatura em Matemática
  • Luís Dias :: Licenciatura em Matemática
  • Luísa Lopes Caldas :: Mestrado em Matemática e Computação
  • Pedro Morais :: Licenciatura em Matemática
  • Rita Martins :: Mestrado em Engenharia de Sistemas
  • Rui Teixeira :: Mestrado em Matemática e Computação
  • Tiago Oliveira :: Licenciatura em Ciências de Computação
  • Valéria Romanciuc :: Mestrado em Matemática e Computação

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