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The Center of Mathematics (CMAT) is a research unit of the School of Sciences of the University of Minho (UM), with a pole at the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD), that aims to develop and promote its research activity covering a large range of fundamental and applied mathematical areas.

The Unit is composed of 63 researchers, among which 44 are integrated members, 13 PhD students and 11 collaborator researchers from other institutions. This team is actively involved in scientific activities, as well as in graduate and postgraduate education in cooperation with the Department of Mathematics of UM and with the Department of Mathematics of UTAD.

As a research unit integrated in the National Scientific and Technological System of Research Units, CMAT tries to answer to new scientific challenges with impact on the applied and technological real life problems as well as on the societal and regional development. Guided by this objective research in CMAT includes applications of Mathematics in areas such as Computer Science, Engineering, Environment Sciences, Physics and Health Sciences. Furthermore, CMAT fulfills, through numerous collaborations with local and regional entities (companies, foundations, libraries, schools), the mission of organizing and participating in outreach activities, including the promotion of scientific awareness.

The Centre of Mathematics has adhered to the Code of Practice of the European Mathematical Society.

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