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Publicações  em  2009

Artigos em revistas

  • Ding, Y., Thomas, A., Zhang, Y., "The investigation on strength and flexural toughness of fibre cocktail reinforced self-compacting high performance concrete",  Construction and Building Materials  23 (1) (2009),  448-452
  • Ding, Y., Thomas, A., \Zhang, Y.,   Paulini, P., "Investigation of the stress and strain state of clay pipes under fire condition",  Ceramics International  35 (1) (2009),  448-452,  63-67
  • Ferreira, C., Parlett, B.,  "Convergence of LR algorithm for a one-point spectrum tridiagonal matrix", Numerische Mathematik 113 (3) (2009),  417-431 
  • Ralha, R., "Perturbation splitting for more accurate eigenvalues",  SIAM J. MATRIX ANAL. APPL   31 (1) (2009),   75-91
  • Ralha, R.,  Ralha,M. Elfrida,  GomesP., "Aventuras numéricas no cálculo do e", Gazeta de Matemática 157(Abril, 2009), 37-48
Artigos em actas de congressos
  •  Bicho, E., Louro, L., Hipólito, N.,Erlhagen, W., "A dynamic field approach to goal inference and error monitoring for human-robot interaction", Proceedings of the Symposium on New Frontiers in Human-Robot Interaction (Kerstin Dautenhahn ed.) at AISB 2009 Convention, Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh, Scotland (April 2009),  31-37 (ISBN - 190295680X)
  • Costa, M.F.P., Fernandes, E.M.G.P., "Pratical Evaluation of an Interior-Point Three-D Filter Line Search Method using Engineering Design Problems", Proceedings of the 8th World Congress on Strutural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, Lisbon, Portugal (2009), (10pg)
  • Costa, M.F.P., Fernandes, E.M.G.P., "Incorporating a Four-Dimensional Filter Line Search Method into an Interior Point Framework",  Proceedings of the 2009 International Computacional and Mathematical Methods inScience and Engineering, Gijon, Asturias, Espanha, (2009), 300-310 (ISBN: 978-84-612-9727-6)
  • Costa, M.F.P., Fernandes, E.M.G.P., "Comparison of Filter Line Search Algorithms in tne Primal-Dual Barrier Approach for Nonlinear Programming", Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics, T.E. Simos, G. Psihoyios and C. Tsitouras (Eds), AIP Conference Proceddings, Springer-Verlag (2009), 1168, 1370-1373 (ISBN: 978-0-7354-0709)
  • Fernandes, F.P., Costa, M.F.P., Fernandes, E.M.G.P., "Overview on Mixed Integer Nonlinear programming problems", Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics, T.E. Simos, G. Psihoyios and C. Tsitouras (Eds), AIP Conference Proceddings, Springer-Verlag (2009), 1168, 1374-1377 (ISBN: 978-0-7354-0709)
  • Flores, P., Machado, G., Pereira, R. M. S., Pimenta Claro, J. C., "Kinematics of roller motion and carn size optimization of disc cam follower mechanisms with translating roller followers" Proceddings of the 2009 ASME Mechanisms and Robotics Conference, San Diego, USA (30 Aug - 2 Sept.  2009)
  • Liu, Yun Z., Zhang, Y.,  "Structure-preserving Schur methods for computing square roots of real skew hamiltonian matrices", Proceedings of 3rd International workshop on matrix analysis, Hangzhou, P. R., China, 2 (2009),   124-127
  • Liu, Zhongyun, Jing Li, Zhang, Y.,  "On the Eigenstructure of Hermitian Toeplitz Matrices with Prescribed  Eigenpairs", Proceedings of 8th International Symposium on Operations Research and Its Applications (ISORA09), Zhangjiajie, China, (Sept, 2009), 298-305
  • Liu, Zhongyun; Duan, You-Cai; Yun-Feng, Zhang,Y.,  "Inverse Eigenvalue Problems and Their Associated Approximation Problems for Matrices with J-(Skew) Centrosymmetric", Proceedings of 3rd International Symposium on Optimization and System  (OSB09)Zhangjiajie, China, (Sept, 2009), 329-336
  • Lopes, S., Fontes, F., "Necessary Conditions of Optimality for Calculus of Variations Problems with Inequality Constraints",  AIP Conference Proceedings, Springer-Verlag, 1168 (2009), 1382-1384,  (ISBN: 978-0-7354-0708)

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