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Current projects
  • EUTypes, European network on types for programming and verifications, COST Action CA15123. Start: 2016. Group members involved: José Espírito Santo e Luís Pinto
Past projects
  • Separation in automata theory: algebraic, logical, and combinatorial aspects, PESSOA French-Portuguese project, Principal researcher: Jorge Almeida (Univ. Porto). 2015 - 2016. Group member involved: José Carlos Costa.
  • STOL - Ecosystems in Mind, CBMA-Pest2014. Principal researcher: Alexandra Nobre (Dpt. Biology, Univ. Minho). 2014 - 2016. Group member involved: Maria Antónia Forjaz.
  • AVIACC, Analysis and Verification of Critical Concurrent Programs, project number PTDC/EIA-CCO/117590/2010 from FCT. Principal researcher: Jorge Sousa Pinto (Dpt. Informatics, University of Minho). 2012 - 2015. Group member involved: Luís Pinto.
  • Numerical simulations of three-dimensional polymer flows and applications to plastic forming, FCT project PTDC/MAT/121185/2010. Principal researcher: Stephane Clain (CMAT). 2012 - 2015. Group member involved: Rui Ralha.
  • DERMCLASS - Feature extraction and artifact removal in dermoscopic images, project funded by  CENTRO-07-ST24-FEDER-002022 through QREN. Principal researcher: Rui Fonseca-Pinto. 2013 - 2014. Group member involved: Conceição Nogueira. 

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