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Publications 2017

Papers published in peer review journals
  1. Alho, A., Mena, F. C., Valiente-Kroon, J., "The Einstein-Friedrich-nonlinear scalar field system and the stability of scalar field cosmologies", Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, 21 (2017) 857-899. arXiv, repUM
  2. Agricola, I., Ferreira, A. C., "Tangent Lie groups are Riemannian naturally reductive spaces", Adv. Appl. Clifford Algebras, 27 (2017) 895-911. arXiv, repUM
  3. Avelino, C., Bourne, D., Ferreira, F., Rateiro, D., Santos, J., "Scheduling the repair of aircraft components - a case study", Mathematics-in-Industry Case Studies, (2017) 7:5.
  4. Avelino, C. P., Santos, A. F., "A class of spherical folding subdivisions", Contrib. Discrete Math., 11 (2017) 79-101.
  5. Avelino, C. P., Santos, A. F., "Geometric and combinatorial structure of a class of spherical folding tessellations - I", Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal, 67 (2017) 891-918.
  6. Avelino, C. P., Santos, A. F., "Spherical folding tessellations by kites and isosceles triangles III", Moscow Mathematical Journal, 17 (2017) 191-237.
  7. Brito, I., Gonçalves, P., Ramos, P. L., "O risco e a ruína na atividade seguradora", Boletim da Sociedade Portuguesa de Matemática, 75 (2017) 3-30. repUM
  8. Brito, I., Da Silva, M. F. A., Mena, F. C., Santos, N. O., "Cylindrically symmetric inhomogeneous dust collapse with a zero expansion component", Classical and Quantum Gravity, 34 (2017) 205005 (17pp). arXiv, repUM
  9. Brito, I., Mena, F. C., "Initial boundary-value problem for the spherically symmetric Einstein equations with fluids with tangential pressure", Proceedings of the Royal Society A, 473 (2017) 20170113. arXiv, repUM
  10. Cohen, D., Vandembroucq, L., "Topological complexity of the Klein bottle", Journal of Applied and Computational Topology, 1 (2017) 199-213. arXiv
  11. Ferreira, A. C., Salavessa, I., "Dirichlet principal eigenvalue comparison theorems in geometry with torsion", Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 453 (2017) 700-723. arXiv, repUM
  12. Ferreira, F., Avelino, C. P., Bentes, I., Matos, C., Teixeira, C., “Assessment strategies for municipal selective waste collection schemes”, Waste Management, 59 (2017) 3-13.
  13. Krakowski, K. A., Machado, L., Silva Leite, F., Batista, J., "A modified Casteljau algorithm to solve interpolation problems on Stiefel manifolds", Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 311 (2017) 84-99.
  14. Luz P., Vitagliano, V., "Raychaudhuri equation in spacetimes with torsion", Physical Review D, 96 (2017) 024021 (9 pages). arXiv
  15. Machado, L., Monteiro, M. T. T., "A numerical optimization approach to generate smoothing spherical splines", Journal of Geometry and Physics, 111 (2017) 71-81.
  16. Mena, F. C., Oliveira, J., "Radiative gravitational collapse to spherical, toroidal and higher genus black holes", Annals of Physics, 387 (2017) 135-151. arXiv, repUM
Papers published in proceedings of international conferences and book chapters
  1. Figueiredo, L., Dourado, M., Sabet, S.M.M., Pereira, A., Pinto, F., Brito, I., Machado, J., Meireles, J., Fernández, C., “Acoustic Assessment of a Steering Wheel Sensor Using Particle Velocity Method”, Tecniacustica 2017, A Coruña, Spain, October 2017, pp. 382-392.
Other publications
  1. Moreira, F., Alves, A., Rodrigues, C., Malheiro, M., Brito, I., Carvalho, A., "Lecturers’ perceptions of a semester-wide interdisciplinary PBL in a master’s degree program in industrial engineering and management", ASME 2017 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, IMECE2017, Tampa, Florida, USA, November 2017, 8pp.

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