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Publicações 2016

Papers published in peer review journals
  1. Alves, A., Sousa, R., Moreira, F., Carvalho, M., Cardoso, E., Pimenta, P., Malheiro, T., Brito, I., Fernandes, S., Mesquita, D., “Managing PBL difficulties in an Industrial Engineering and Management Program”, Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management, 9 (2016) 586-611.
  2. Avelino, C. P., Santos, A. F., "Spherical Folding Tessellations by Kites and Isosceles Triangles IV", Ars Mathematica Contemporanea, 11 (2016) 59-78.
  3. Carrasquel-Vera, J. G., Kahl, T., Vandembroucq, L., “Rational approximations of sectional category and Poincaré duality”, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 144 (2016) 909-915. arXiv, repUM
  4. Czinner, V. G., Iguchi, H., “Rényi entropy and the thermodynamic stability of black holes”, Physics Letters B, 752 (2016) 306-310. arXiv, repUM
  5. Czinner, V. G., Mena, F. C., “Relative information entropy in cosmology: The problem of information entanglement”, Physics Letters B, 758 (2016) 9-13. arXiv, repUM
  6. Ferreira, A. C., “Uma biografia de Einstein”, Boletim da Sociedade Portuguesa de Matematica (SPM), 74 (2016) 81-97.
  7. Gomez-Lobo, A. G. P., "Vacuum type D initial data", Classical and Quantum Gravity, 33 (2016) 175005 (16pp). arXiv
  8. Gomez-Lobo, A. G. P., "New conserved currents for vacuum space-times in dimension four with a Killing vector", Genenal Relativity and Gravitation, 48 (2016) 126 (12pp). arXiv
  9. Kahl, T., “Topological abstraction of higher-dimensional automata", Theoretical Computer Science, 631 (2016) 97-117. arXiv, repUM

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