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  • MaPSe - Characterisation and decidability problems in Matrices, Proof systems and Semigroups, one of CMAT’s project which receives multiannual financial support from FCT. This project involves all members of the Algebra and Logic research group and is structured in four tasks: Decidability problems on finite semigroups (António Veloso da Costa, José Carlos Costa and Lurdes Teixeira); Matrix completion problems (Cláudia Mendes Araújo and Pedro Patrício); Proof systems and programming (José Carlos Espírito Santo and Luís Pinto); Structure and order properties of semigroups (Emília Giraldes, Carla Mendes, Paula Marques Smith, Paula Mendes Martins and Suzana Mendes Gonçalves). Project leader: Paula Marques Smith. A summary of the research carried out during the duration of the project (2003-2006) can be found here.
  • AutoMathA (Automata: from Mathematics to Applications), a European Science Foundation project. Project leader in Portugal: Jorge Almeida (University of Oporto). CMAT members involved: José Carlos Costa and Lurdes Teixeira.
  • Automata, profinite semigroups and symbolic dynamics, 11113YM, research project financed by PESSOA Programme – Portuguese-French Integrated Action, managed in Portugal by GRICES and by EGIDE in France. Project leader in Portugal: Pedro Silva (University of Porto). CMAT members involved: José Carlos Costa.
  • TYPES, Coordination Action 510996 within the European Union 6th Framework Programme. CMAT members involved: José Carlos Espírito Santo and Luís Pinto. 

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