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Articles in scientific journals

  • Barthe, G., Frade, M.J., Gimémez, E., Pinto, L., Uustalu, T., "Type-based termination of recursive definitions", Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, 14:97-141, 2004. (v. repositorium)
  • Costa, José Carlos, Reducibility of joins involving some locally trivial pseudovarieties, Communications in Algebra, 32:3517-3535, 2004
  • Costa, José Carlos and Teixeira, Maria de Lurdes, Tameness of the pseudovariety LSl, International Journal of Algebra and Computation, 14:627-654, 2004.
  • Marques-Smith, M. Paula O., Giraldes, E. and Mitsch, H., F-Regular semigroups, Journal of Algebra, 274:491-510, 2004.
  • Mendes Araújo, Cláudia, Torregrosa, Juan Ramón and Urbano, Ana M., The N-matrix completion problem under digraphs assumptions, Linear Algebra and its Applications, 380:213-225, 2004. (v. repositorium)
  • Mendes-Gonçalves, Suzana and Sullivan, R.P., Baer-Levi semigroups of linear transformations, The Royal Society of Edinburgh Proceedings A (Mathematics), 134A:477-499, 2004. (v. repositorium)
  • Patrício, Pedro and Puystjens, R., Generalized invertibility in two semigroups of a ring, Linear Algebra and its Applications, 377:125-139, 2004. (v. repositorium)
  • Patrício, Pedro and Puystjens, R., Drazin-Moore-Penrose invertibility in rings, Linear Algebra and its Applications, 389:159-173, 2004. (v. repositorium)
  • Pinto, Fernanda and Sullivan, R.P., Baer-Levi Semigroups of Partial Transformations, Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society, 69:87-106, 2004.

Articles in proceedings of conferences with referee

  • Espírito Santo, J., Pinto, L., Confluence and strong normalisation of the generalised multiary lambda-calculus, Revised selected papers from the International Workshop TYPES 2003, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, 3085, pp. 194-209, 2004.

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