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The group of Mathematical-Physics is formed by 6 members with PhD degree. Members of the group supervise other 4 PhD students. This group studies different topics concerning General Relativity, Kinetic Theory of Gases, Functional Analysis and Differential Equations, and is mainly interested on mathematical problems motivated by physical phenomena, in particular modeling approaches and asymptotic behavior, consistency and stability properties of the solution of some non-linear problems. The group maintains several national and international collaborations with colleagues from research units with renowned scientific level. The main research topics are the following:
 - elasticity properties for several classes of space-time metrics, in particular for warped and double warped spacetimes;
 - existence, uniqueness and stability results for some spacetime matching solutions;
 - invariant properties of pure radiation metrics with a cosmological constant;
 - Boltzmann-type models for chemically reacting mixtures;
 - kinetic approaches to steady detonation and related linear stability;
 - application of meromorphic factorization to some classes of nxn matrix symbols;
 - study of the factorization on a Riemann surface.

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