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Articles published in 2013 in peer review journals

  • Biró, T. S., Czinner, V. G., "A q-parameter bound for particle spectra based on black hole thermodynamics with Rényi entropy", Physics Letters B, 726 (2013), 861-865
  • Brito, I., da Silva, M. F. A., Mena, F. C., Santos, N. O. , "Conformally flat sources for the Linet-Tian spacetime", General Relativity and Gravitation, 45 (2013), 519-530
  • Calcines, J. M. G., Vandembroucq, L. (2013), "Topological complexity and the homotopy cofibre of the diagonal map", Mathematische Zeitschrift, 274(1-2) (2013), 145-165
  • Costa, J., Alho A., Natário J., "The Problem of a Self-Gravitating Scalar Field with Positive Cosmological Constant", Annales Henri Poincare 14 (2013) 1077-1107
  • Czinner, V. G., "Axisymmetric Dirac-Nambu-Goto branes on Myers-Perry black hole backgrounds", Phys. Rev. D 88, 124029 (2013)
  • Ferreira, A. C., "A vanishing theorem in twisted de Rham cohomology", Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society, 56 (2013), 501-508
  • Gomez-Lobo, A. G. P., Senovilla, J. M. M., "A set of invariant quality factors measuring the deviation from the Kerr metric", General Relativity and Gravitation, 45 (2013), 1095-1127
  • Gomez-Lobo, A. G. P., "On the characterization of non-degenerate foliations of pseudo-Riemannian manifolds with conformally flat leaves", Journal of Mathematical Physics, 54 (2013), 063503
  • Le-Delliou, M., Mimoso, J., Mena, F. C., Fontanini, F., Guariento, D. C., Abdalla, E., "Separating expansion and collapse in general fluid models with heat flux", Physical Review D88 (2013), 027301 (5 pages)
  • Mars, M., Mena, F. C., Vera, R., "Review on exact and perturbative deformations of the Einstein-Straus model: uniqueness and rigidity results", General Relativity and Gravitation, 45 (2013), 2143-2173
  • Mimoso, J., Le-Delliou, M., Mena F. C., "Local conditions separating expansion from collapse in spherically symmetric models with anisotropic pressures", Physical Review D88 (2013), 043501 (16 pages)
  • Moura, F., "Tensorial perturbations and stability of spherically symmetric d-dimensional black holes in string theory", Physical Review D87 (2013), 044036
  • Moura, F., "Scattering of spherically symmetric d-dimensional α′−corrected black holes in string theory", J. High Energy Phys. 1309 (2013) 038

Artcles accepted for publication in peer review journals

  • Duarte I., Pinheiro, D., Pinto, A. A., Pliska, S. R., "Optimal Life Insurance Purchase, Consumption and Investment on a financial market with multi-dimensional diffusive terms", aceite em 2012 para publicação em Optimization
  • Pilarczyk, P., Real, P., "Computation of cubical homology, cohomology, and (co)homological operations via chain contraction", aceite em 2013 para publicação em Advances in Computational Mathematics


  • Alho, A., Mena F. C., Valiente-Kroon J. A., “The Einstein-Friedrich-nonlinear scalar field system and the stability of scalar field cosmologies”, submitted, preprint at http://arxiv.org/abs/1006.3778
  • Agrícola, I. and Ferreira, A. C., “Einstein manifolds and skew torsion”, arXiv:1209.5886
  • Brito I. and Machado Ramos M. P., “Studying conformally flat spacetimes with an elastic stress energy tensor using 1+3 formalism”, submitted for publication. Preprint at http://arxiv.org/abs/1205.6723
  • Gomez-Lobo, A. G. P., "On the conservation of superenergy", preprint at http://arxiv.org/abs/1308.4390

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