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  • "Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics of Stochastic Lattice Systems", project FCT/CAPES 291/11. Group members involved: Ana Jacinta Soares e Filipe Carvalho.
  • "String effects in black holes and particle physics", project FCT CERN/FP/123609/2011. Main researcher: Filipe Moura. Other group members involved: Alfonso Garcia-Parrado, Artur Alho, Filipe Mena.
  • "Special Riemannian geometries", project FCT PTDC/MAT/118682/2010, Universidade de Évora. Group members involved: Ana Cristina Ferreira.
  • Toeplitz Operators and Riemann-Hilbert Problems: at the Crossroad of Operator Theory and Complex Analysis”, project FCT PTDC/MAT/121837/2010, Instituto Superior Técnico. Group members involved: M. Teresa Malheiro.
  • "Black holes in higher dimensions and fluid-gravity correspondence", project FCT CERN/FP/116377/2010. Main researcher: Filipe Moura. Other group members involved: Alfonso Garcia-Parrado, Artur Alho, Filipe Mena. 
  • "Non-Equilibrium Statistical Physics", project FCT PTDC/MAT/109844/2009. Group members involved: Ana Jacinta Soares e Filipe Carvalho.
  • “Kinetic Analysis of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations”, project FCT UT-Austin/MAT/0035/2008, Universidade de Coimbra with researchers from the following universities: Aveiro, Lisboa, Minho, Nova de Lisboa, Técnica de Lisboa (IST) and UTAD. Group members involved: Ana Jacinta Soares.
  • "Algebraic Topology and Applications", project FCT, PTDC/MAT/098317/2008, involving researchers from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, IST and Universidade do Minho. Group members involved: Lucía Fernández Súarez, Thomas Kahl, Pawel Pilarczyk, Lucile Vandembroucq.
  • "Analysis of Einstein Equations", project FCT, PTDC/MAT/108921/2008. Main researcher: Filipe Mena. Group members involved: Filipe Mena and Artur Alho. Institutions involved: CMAT (Minho) e CAMGSD (IST, Lisboa).
  • "Computational Cohomology and Applications", project FCT, PTDC/MAT/098871/2008, involving researchers from Universidade do Minho and Universidade de Sevilla (Spain). Group members involved: Pawel Pilarczyk.
  • "Mathematical Problems of spacetime matching", project B-29/08 of CRUP/British Council. Main researcher: Filipe Mena. Group members involved: Filipe Mena.
  • "Toeplitz operators, factorization and corona problems", project FCT, PTDC/MAT/81385/2006. Main researcher: Maria Cristina Câmara (CEAF-IST). Group members involved: Teresa Malheiro and Cristina Diogo (PhD student).
  • "Kinetic Models and Applications", project FCT, PTDC/MAT/68615/2006. Main researcher: Filipe Serra de Oliveira. Group members involved: Ana Jacinta Soares and Filipe Carvalho  (PhD student).
  • "Invariant operators and exact solutions of Einstein´s Equations", project Swedish Research Council. Main researcher: Brian Edgar. Group members involved: Maria da Piedade Machado Ramos.
  • "Relativistic Elasticity", CRUP (Acções Integradas Luso-Espanholas-E-89/07). Main researcher in Portugal: Estelita Vaz. Group members involved: Estelita Vaz and Irene Brito.

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