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The University of Minho offers two PhD courses in Mathematics: the Doctoral Program in Applied Mathematics MAP-PDMA (Interinstitutional PhD) and the Doctorate in Mathematics.

The Doctoral Program in Applied Mathematics MAP-PDMA is a FCT PhD joint program of the Universities of Minho (Department of Mathematics and Applications), Aveiro (Department of Mathematics) and Porto (Faculties of Sciences, Economics, Engineering and Biomedical Sciences) with the collaboration of the University of Beira Interior.
The programme includes a curricular year organized to allow the students to choose from a list of taught courses aimed at providing the necessary basis for their research. The courses can be chosen to fill gaps of previous academic curricula, to direct the students to a specific line of research and/or to provide information to guide them in their choice of research area. It is supported by the research units CMAT (University of Minho), CIDMA (University of Aveiro), CINTESIS, CMUP, ISR-P and LIAAD (University of Porto), which guarantee the quality of the research that will be undertaken by the students during the years of preparation of their doctoral thesis. This involvement with the research centres also allows great flexibility of the curricular offering and research proposals, incorporating very diverse fields of Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and also in the interface with other sciences.

The goal of the Doctorate in Mathematics course is to train highly qualified human resources in  the area of Mathematics and in areas where Mathematics plays a fundamental role in research activities, theoretical or experimental, or  in industry and service applications. The scientific skills acquired during the program will provide a solid base to pursuit different professional careers in diverses domains such as industry, engineering, services, healthcare and teaching. The doctoral program lasts for three years and finishes with the elaboration of a dissertation embodying the results of original research.   The program does not contain  a fix   curricular component, but the individual work plan for the students  may include the mandatory frequency of educational activities such as courses,  seminars and conferences, among others, to strengthen the knowledge of the doctoral candidates in their chosen research areas.

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