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Transonic inviscid flows past thin airfoils : A new numerical method and global stability analysis using MatLab

In this seminar we discuss a novel accuratemethod for computing transonic flow over lifting and non-lifting aerofoils asgoverned by the steady Kárman-Guderlay equation. The method is based on usingfinite-differences in the streamwise direction combined with spectralcollocation in the other direction. This is combined with Newton iteration anda direct method for the resulting linear system. The method is fast and veryrobust and we are able to compute steady flows with strong shocks. Someexamples considering both the symmetric and the non symmetric cases are shownand grid size study is also presented. The work has been extended to discussthe stability of the computed flows using methods based on a global stabilityanalysis. This leads to a generalized eigenvalue problem and some results arepresented. One advantage of the current approach is that for small grid sizesit is possible do the analysis using MATLAB.
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