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Models of self-recognition in plants

Models of self-recognition in plants}{In flowering plants, genetically determined systems that avoid inbreeding have evolved more than 20 times independently. In the S-RNase gametophytic self-incompatibility system (GSI), pollen specificity is determined by the S-locus genotype of the haploid gametophyte. This is likely the most widespread self-incompatibility system, since the common ancestor of about 75% of all flowering plants possessed an /S-RNase/ based GSI. For GSI to be maintained, the /S/-locus pistil and pollen genes must be linked and coevolve as a genetic unit. Models aimed at describing the evolution of such a system will be presented. At the population level, many alleles are maintained at the S-locus by frequency dependent selection.  Population models aimed at predicting the number of alleles in populations and their frequency spectrum will also be reviewed.
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