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Particle Systems and Partial Differential Equations - PSPDE IV

This is a fourth meeting on Particle Systems and PDE's to be held at the Centre of Mathematics of the University of Minho from 16th to 18th December 2015. The idea of the meeting is to get together researchers from two different areas of mathematics, namely Particle Systems and Partial Differential Equations, and to present recent scientific results in both areas. We expect the participation of a vast audience, including young researchers and PhD students, and we intend to present and exploit the interdisciplinary nature of mathematics as well as its applications in various areas. Joint organization by Centro de Matemática (University of Minho), Centro de Matemática, Aplicações Fundamentais e Investigação Operacional (University of Lisbon), with the support of FCT-FACC and Co-Lab initiative UT Austin-Portugal.
See the webpage of the meeting https://sites.google.com/site/meetingpspdeiv/.

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