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An attractive and promising strategy for early cancer diagnosis througt the assembly of the Human Cancer Volatome (HCV Project)
FCT project New INDIGO/0003/2012, in collaboration with Centro de Química da Madeira (CQM/UMA), University of Madeira and Hospital Dr. Nélio Mendonça (Funchal, Portugal), starting in June 2013 (36 months). Principal Researcher: José S. Câmara (Universidade da Madeira). Group members involved: A. Manuela Gonçalves.

Extrema statistical extremes in today´s world
FCT Project PTDC/MAT/101736/2008, starting in 2010 (36 months). Principal Researcher: Maria Ivette Gomes. Group members involved: Marta Ferreira.

Extremes in space
FCT project PTDC/MAT/112770/2009, starting in February 2011 (36 months). Principal Researcher: Laurentius Franciscus Maria de Haan (CEAUL/UL). Group member involved: Marta Ferreira.

Inferencia en Modelos Aditivos Generalizados: Extensiones al Analisis ROC con Covariables, Regresion Cuantil y Analisis de Supervivencia. Aplicaciones en Medicina y Biologia
Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia (Espanha) MTM2011-28285-C02-01, starting in 2011 (36 months). Fondos FEDER (Conv. Publica). Principal Researcher: Carmen Cadarso-Suárez. Group members involved: Inês Sousa and Luís Meira-Machado.

Inferencia Estadistica Flexible: Avances metodologicos y nuevas aplicaciones en biomedicina, ingenieria, y saludo
Project MTM2011-23204, Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, starting in January 2012 (36 months). Principal Researcher: Jacobo de Uña-Álvarez. Group members involved: Ana Paula Amorim and Carla Moreira.

Investigation and development of a new generation of machines for the processing of composite and nanocomposites materials
NEWEX project H2020-MSCA-RISE-2016/734205, in collaboration with Politechnika Lublska (Poland), Technicka Univerzita v Kosiciach (Slovakia), University of Minho and the industries ZAMAK MERCATOR (Poland), DIRMETA (Lithuania), SEZ KROMPACHY (Slovakia), starting in January 2017 (48 months).
Principal Researcher: Janusz W. Sikora (Poland); A. Gaspar Cunha (Portugal). Group members involved: M. Fernanda Costa.

Joint Modelling of Multivariate Longitudinal and Survival Data
FCT project - EXPL/MAT- STA/0313/2013, starting in 2014 (12 months). Principal Researcher: Inês Sousa. Group members involved: Inês Sousa and Ana Borges.

Joint Modelling of spatial-temporal measurements and sampling design processes, in Health and Environmental Sciences
FCT project PTDC/MAT/112338/2009, starting in May 2011 (36 months). Principal Researcher: Raquel Menezes. Group members involved: Inês Sousa, Lisandra Rocha, Luís Margalho and Raquel Menezes.

The Optimal Challenges in Irrigation
FCT project POCI-01-0145-FEDER-028247, in collaboration with University of Porto, University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, University of Aveiro, starting in June 2018 (36 months). Principal Researcher: Sofia Lopes. Group members involved: A. Manuela Gonçalves, M. Fernanda Costa.

Theory, Applications and Numerical Computation of Optimum Control
FCT project PTDC/EEI-AUT/2933/2014, in collaboration with University of Porto, Institut fur Numerische und Angewandte Mathematik, University of Aveiro, starting in June 2016 (36 months). Principal Researcher: Maria Rosário M.F.T. Pinho. Group members involved: M. Fernanda Costa

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