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The research interests of the members of the Centre of Mathematics lie in the domains of Algebra and Logic, Analysis, Geometry and Topology, Operational Research, Statistics and Applied Probability. Apart from promoting the research in well-established areas of Pure Mathematics, CMAT devotes special attention to applications of Mathematics to other scientific and technological domains.

The research activity of members of CMAT is carried out in accordance with the objectives of the following Research Groups:

Algebra, Logic and Computation

Analysis and Applications

Geometry, Topology and Applications

Statistics, Applied Probability and Operational Research

All research groups have some of their objectives orientated towards applications, involving, in some cases, multidisciplinary teams.

The current research groups are the result of a recent restructuring of the groups:

Algebra, Logic and Computation

Analysis, Dynamical Systems and Applications

Computational Mathematics and Applications

Geometry, Topology and Mathematical Physics

Statistics and Applied Probability.

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