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Publicações 2009

Artigos em revistas

  • Bilhardt, B., Giraldes, E., Marques-Smith, M. Paula O., Mendes Martins, P. "Associate inverse subsemigroups of regular semigroups", Semigroup Forum 79 (1) (2009), 101-118
  • Costa, J.C., Nogueira, C., "Complete reducibility of the pseudovariety LSl", Int. J. Algebra Comput. 19 (2009), 247-282
  • Espírito Santo, J., Matthes, R., Pinto, L.,"Continuation-Passing Style and Strong Normalisation for Intuitionistic Sequent Calculi", Logical Methods in Computer Science 5 (2009), 2-11
  • Espírito Santo, J., "The Lambda-Calculus and the Unity of Structural Proof Theory", Special Issue on Computability in Europe 2007, Theory of Computing Systems 45 (2009), 963-994
  • Jórdan, C., Mendes Araújo, C., Torregrosa, Juan R., "$N_0$ completions on partial matrices", Applied Mathematics and Computation 211 (2009), 303-312
  • Marques-Smith, M. Paula O., Sullivan, R. P., "Congruences on Nilpotent-generated Partial Transformation Semigroups", Algebra Colloquium 16(2) (2009), 229-242
  • Mendes Araújo, C., Torregrosa, Juan R., "Sign pattern matrices that admit M-, N-, P- or inverse M-matrices", Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 431 (2009), 724-731
  • Mendes-Gonçalves, S. , Sullivan, R.P., "The ideal structure of semigroups of linear transformations with upper bounds on their nullity or defect", Comm. Algebra 37(7) (2009), 2522-2539
  • Patrício, P., Hartwig, R.E., "Some additive results on Drazin Inverses", Applied Mathematics and Computation 215 (2009), 530-538
  • Patrício, P., Veloso da Costa, A., "On the Drazin index of regular elements", Central European Journal of Mathematics 7(2) (2009), 200-205

Artigos  em actas de congressos
  • Espírito Santo, J., Pinto, L., Matthes, R., "Monadic translation of intuitionistic calculus", in S. Berardi, F. Damiani, U. de'Liguoro (Eds.), Types for Proofs and Programs, International Conference, TYPES 2008, Torino, Italy, March 2008, Revised Selected Papers, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, volume 5497, pp. 100-116, Springer, 2009
  • Pinto, L., Uustalu, T., “Proof search and counter-model construction for bi-intuitionistic propositional logic with labelled sequents”, in M. Giese, A. Waaler (Eds.), Automated Reasoning with Analytic Tableaux and Related Methods, 18th International Conference TABLEAUX 2009, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, volume 5607, pp. 295-309, Springer, 2009

Relatórios Técnicos do CMAT de 2009
  • Patrício, P., Veloso da Costa, A., "On the Drazin index of regular elements", Relatório Técnico do CMAT 01/09 (pdf)
  • Jordán, C., Mendes Araújo, C., Torregrosa, J.R., "$N_0$ completions on partial matrices", Relatório Técnico do CMAT 02/09 (pdf)
  • Mendes Araújo, C., Torregrosa, J.R., "Sign pattern matrices that admit M –, N –, P– or inverse M –matrices", Relatório Técnico do CMAT 03/09 (pdf)

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